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Statistical Analysis Reports

Ready to grow your business?

Being competitive in the market requires “business intelligence.” To strengthen your business you must know your stats. Our SEO Reports are specifically designed to give you vital insight into your business’s online health. Beautiful, easy-to-read charts and graphs tell you:

  • How much traffic is your site getting?
  • Where did the traffic come from?
  • Which pages are performing well?
  • What search terms are people using to find you?
  • …and much, much more!

With this information you’ll be empowered to make money-making decisions for your business. Without this information you could be wasting valuable resources and missing out on important business opportunities. The business intelligence on these statistical analysis reports will help your business work smarter, not just harder.

With this package you get:

  • Google Analytics set up
  • Webmaster Tools set up
  • Both tools installed on your website
  • Twelve (12) monthly reports that report on your live stats

Take your business to the next level starting today!